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 Edgar The Raven Says

Edgar The Raven

Don't overlook the obvious!  

Simple reasoning lights up the darkest corners.
Carefully thought through and written.
The most surprising conclusions will prove convincing.

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remaining  segments of the Lizzie Borden solution.

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Famous Murders

The Lizzie Borden Mystery Part 1 of 10

Facts & Motives - 6.25 pages (3731 words)
• Closed Doors and Windows
• Emma's Lack of Personality
• The Furniture Blockade
• Nature of the M.O.
• House Without Hallways 
• Why Lizzie and Emma Switched Rooms

• Meaning of the Placement of Their Beds In Their New Rooms 
• Why the Attack on the Father, Was Focused Totally On The Face
• Addendum (Denial)

The Lizzie Borden Mystery Parts 2&3 of 10

The Victims' Complacency - 1 page (616 words)
Physical Proof That They Had No Apprehension

How Lizzie Could Have Won by Killing Only One - 3/4 page (478 words)
The first use of the recurring poker analogy.  Don't fold, yet!  That's no way to deal with it!
(I'm gonna draw that analogy out 'til I'm called on it.  Even then, I might just double-down.)

The Titanic

Yes, This Title Is In The Right Category - 4 pages (2287 words)
Morgan scheduled to sail on it; cancels the day before
Coal supply on fire, before leaving Belfast for England
Most of the Firemen Bail Out at Southampton (152 of 160!)
Outmoded, slow responding rudder
Poor rivets concentrated in key places
Lord Mersey wouldn't let the firemen testify
Warning of bergs never reached captain; signalman claimed he didn't remember who he gave it to
Owner, Ishmay, gave full speed order
Ishmay & Helmsman Survived
U.S. insurance inquest is cursory; not thorough as accepted standard
The claim is paid
Morgan's behavior, afterwartd

Simpson-Goldman Case Part 1 of 2

Alert- Contains No Opinion Concerning Whether O.J. Simpson Was Involved - 3 pages (1738 words)
• Decapitation Was Attempted & Possible Reason  (That Reason Implies That O.J. Did It)
• Why One Glove Was Left On The Scene
• What Kato Really Heard
• Misunderstanding Arising From Evidence Planting, Complicated By The Verdict
• Compared to Straight Evidence, Police Overreaching Would Not Have Contributed Much

Simpson-Goldman Case Part 2 of 2

Possible Scenarios - 3.3 Pages (1977 words)
If Goldman Arrived While The Murder Was In Progress

If The KillerAttacked Without Knowing Of Goldman's Presence
If The Killer Knew Of Goldman's Presence Before Attacking
If The Killer & Goldman Arrived Very Close In Time

No One Was Crouched In The Bushes
The Ice Cream Was Still Frozen.  That's Significant, But Less Than Its Mere Presence.

Australian Infant Part 1 of 2

Depicted In The Movie, "A Cry In The Dark" - 4 pages (2120 words)
• Dingoes
• Blood - Location & Amount
• The Parents Eliminated
• The Father, Independently?
• Logic Takes The Fall.  ('If A Dingo Didn't Do It, The Mother Did.') 

Historical  Mysteries

How The Pyramids Were  Built - Pt. 1 of 3

3 pages (2042 words)
The Shape And Surface Of The Path From The Quarry To The Pyramid.  Approach Ramp & Mud Slide Eliminated.  Solution Based On Natural Occurrences And Techniques For Harnassing Them, Vital To Life In That Area, At That Time.  The Only Mystery Is How It Was Ever Forgotten.  (I Had No Answer In Mind, When I started Writing this.  My Only Purpose  Was To Criticize The Old Story About The Gangs Pulling With Ropes, Over their Shoulders.)

How The Pyramids Were  Built - Pt. 2  of 3

3.5 pages (1966 words)
Another real forehead slapper!  I promised to make the most surprising conclusions, convincing.  The only surprise, here, is that it hasn't always been understood.  It doesn't seem possible that it could have been suppressed, even by the most ardent efforts of the government, like burying workers alive, etc., as we see in those grand costume blockbusters.  (The remarks in parenthses [Pt. 1, above] go  here, too.)

Trojan Horses

3.5 + pages (2199 words)
Yes, that's "Horses"; plural.  Homer's horse story is a dramatic, impossible variation on a tactic which must have been used, somewhere, some time after the Trojan War.  Anyone might think of it,  but even that plausible ploy is precluded at Troy,  by the technology of the time.  

Why Shakespeare Wasn't

5.25 pages (3678 words)
Demands on his time
His retirement seems related to the death of Edward deVere.
The rate of production compared to the possible length of deVere's career
He didn't work in a law office.
He probably couldn't even write.
Two arguments against his authorship, discarded.
Mark Twain's statements and those he quotes.

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